Pardon the redirection

It’s an I. T. world we’re living in. Face it, I. T. people control how we communicate, shop, be entertained, learn. So do what your I.T. person tells you to do. Don’t try to understand it. Just do it. My I.T. Guru tells me to move this blog to a new place. I’m doing it. He’s a helluva lot smarter than me.

So now, if you will, please click HERE. And Voila. You will be whisked to

Bookmark The Chick. Please visit regularly and comment often. I need contact with the outside advertising world.

It can get lonely here in Hooterville.

One way ticket to


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2 Responses to “Pardon the redirection”

  1. Says:

    i am a friend of lynn mcdonald and she and i are doing the clothes for the homeless. She told me to contact you about doing some additions on the flyer so I can send it to my contacts and could you call me or email me. My name is hedda and my email is and I work from the home and home today and tonight. my phone numbers are 941-923-7477 office/home and cell 917-575-2412. thanks for the flyer – it is so so so wonderful.

  2. Says:

    i am not– see my message about- i am trying to get to the person who did the flyer for lynn for the homeless clothes collection. hedda

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