Emotional Chaos

One woman’s experience with online dating

The rush of a “like”.

The thrill of the “chase”.

The anticipation of a text.

The excitement of a meeting.

The disappointment when it goes nowhere.

I’m convinced people become addicted to the search for online love. Swipe left and your serotonin level jumps.  It becomes a rush you start to look forward to. You don’t want it to end. Dating companies want know this. If they can keep us hooked on the rush of the search, imagining the grass will be greener with the next swipe, the more money they make. They’re selling a dream.  And we’re buying it. 

One man asked me: What do you want from these dating sites? Helluva question… and one I hadn’t thought much about.  Perhaps if we single souls could find our answer and kindly ask the same, we could cut down on the time, energy, and eventual heartbreak we feel when it never went further than we hoped.  

“One day you’re in heaven darlin’, the next you feel like hell”. 

Mary Chapin Carpenter’s lyric perfectly describes the emotional chaos of online dating. It’s exhausting and frustrating, an experience that can leave you empty and feeling more alone than when you started.


Me?  I just want to matter to someone. 

Don’t we all?


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