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Local Commercials

October 14, 2009

Thank you adfreak, who found this. The makers of the RED HOUSE furniture spot which I posted back in May, have done a commercial for a music store in Souix City Iowa. Very nice, although WE make local/regional commercials and none have ever been as good as this one.

We must try harder.

The dirty trick

September 22, 2009

When this commercial came on, we looked at each other and almost at the same time, said: “I don’t like that ad.”  There’s a series of them now, using children to make their point that being naive can cost you. They’re positioning themselves as the good bank, but the disgust I feel for the banker in the spot is so strong, it transcends to the advertiser. I was uncomfortable and associated that feeling with the bank.  I couldn’t even remember their name for awhile after I had seen the spot. Maybe it’s my general disdain for the banking industry. Maybe it’s just me. 

In the can

September 19, 2009

A Big Thank You to Frank my Camera Guru for this wonderful introduction to a product I would never have tried, but probably will now. (Why won’t our clients give us this latitude?)  Have a great weekend!

The Mad Men Summary

September 18, 2009

I’m one the few people in the world who has not seen Mad Men. I’d blame it on small town living, but we do get cable here.  No problem though, because after this, I think I’m caught up now.

Thanks to Addict for this.

A Spam Comeback?

June 9, 2009

I’m anxiously awaiting the new television commercials for America’s Favorite Meat in a Can, SPAM, done by BBDO in Minneapolis.  (I think their web site must be under construction-they should call me.) While I wait to see the new culinary creative, I decided to do a little Spam Research.

According to the official Spam web site there are 13 varieties. Hormel introduces the sweet, spicy pink “meat” in 1937.  Edward R. Murrow mentions Spam for Christmas dinner in 1942. In ’46, the Hormel girls make the scene. Spam with Cheese Chunks make an appearance in 1971, and in 1991, you can order official Spam merchandise from the catalog. You know it’s relevant when Spam gets a spot in the Smithsonian. There’s Spam with Bacon, Spam Lite, Spam Hot Dogs and Spam spreads and Hickory Smoked Spam.  Spam Festivals, Spam Fan Clubs, and Spam Recipe Contests. (Take a deep breath here) You can buy Spam T-shirts, hats and magnets, Spam Salt & Pepper shakers, steins and shot glasses.  A Spam joke book and thimble, too. There’s even a Broadway Show and Spam Music.

It seems that more than 5 billion cans have been produced since 1937. In America, roughly 3.8 cans of Spam are consumed every second each day – 228 cans per minute, 13,680 cans an hour. (Somebody check my blood pressure, my sodium level feels a little outta balance.)

Given these lofty numbers, BBDO better be showing us something pretty good.

imagesThanks to Brand Professionals for the heads up…can’t wait to see the reinvention.

Taking care of the hair…down there.

May 28, 2009

“When there’s no underbrush, the tree looks taller.”  Excuse me?  My significant other is about as manly, masculine and manful as they come. He’s a hairy beast, a prime target for Gillette…and even he was speechless. Via AdFreak, where there’s always excellent stuff.

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A furniture store for ALL people.

May 1, 2009

NO…we did not produce this, but damn, I wish I had. What a great addition to anyone’s demo reel. (And from High Point, North Carolina, too…the Furniture Mecca….what were they thinking?)

(Thanks to my friend Kathy (the best chick announcer ever) for bringing this to our attention)

Sweet Spot

March 22, 2009

Ad people are a cynical bunch…I know I am. But I gotta give Liberty Mutual credit for making me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Love the editing, the music, the genuineness of it all.   If only people could be this cool.  (I let people go ahead of me in heavy traffic…does that count?)  

I don’t know a thing about Liberty Mutual-maybe they’re a bunch of dishonest bastards in line for some bail out money.  But they can’t be….not with a sweet little message like this.    Awwww…. 

More do-gooding

January 27, 2009

And while we’re on the subject of using your power for good, not evil, please take a look at this Public Service Announcement produced for a local children’s advocacy group.  The artwork was done by a fine local designer,  I wrote the copy and my video guy took photos (most are his own kids who are NOT neglected, by the way) then produced a lovely 30 seconds worth.  All at no charge. Because we have the power to do a good thing…and we all should.

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