Chick Idiosyncrasies

Always checks the expiration date

Drawn to the linen department, whether I need them or not

Read the obits in every paper I pick up

Still think I’m 26

Political people (the “I’m right and you’re not” people) piss me off

Obsessively clean when I feel outta control

Overly religious people scare me

Hoard my prescription meds for a rainy day (you never know)

Must have Kleenex in every room

Brown Sugar in my coffee..always

Never use the Cruise Control

Couldn’t be at an 8am meeting if I tried

I’m a bread snob

Red wine…no Chard.  (I don’t care if it is summer and we’re having fish.)

Ironic but…

I hate chick flicks.

I love football.

I want my own Harley.

I won’t wear pink.


I do love Sephora, big earrings and expensive lingerie.

4 Responses to “Chick Idiosyncrasies”

  1. PZR Says:

    And chocolate.

  2. adchick Says:

    Oh yes, indeed. Chocolate…pretty much in any form.

  3. Rob rooney Says:

    Some of my ad buddies have been sending around this funny Twitter feed called badtaglines. It’s pretty funny. You should check out

  4. SRP Says:

    Hi Adchick-

    I’m launching an online gallery/anthology for copywriters and art directors. The point is to see what creatives make when they’re not making ads. Please visit. Please contribute!
    Any attention would help a lot. You’d be surprised how timid these closet writers and artists are!

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