Chick Idiosyncrasies

I always check the expiration date

A high thread count is important

Read the obits in every paper I pick up

Still think I’m 26

Political people (the “I’m right and you’re not” people) piss me off

Lazy people piss me off

Overly religious people scare me

Obsessively clean when I feel outta control

Hoard my prescription meds for a rainy day (you never know)

Must have Kleenex in every room

Cream and sugar in my coffee-always

Red wine – always

Couldn’t be at an 8am meeting if I tried

I’m a bread snob

I love Sephora, big earrings and expensive lingerie.


4 Responses to “Chick Idiosyncrasies”

  1. PZR Says:

    And chocolate.

  2. adchick Says:

    Oh yes, indeed. Chocolate…pretty much in any form.

  3. Rob rooney Says:

    Some of my ad buddies have been sending around this funny Twitter feed called badtaglines. It’s pretty funny. You should check out

  4. SRP Says:

    Hi Adchick-

    I’m launching an online gallery/anthology for copywriters and art directors. The point is to see what creatives make when they’re not making ads. Please visit. Please contribute!
    Any attention would help a lot. You’d be surprised how timid these closet writers and artists are!

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