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How Are You? No, really…I want to know.

March 27, 2009

Ad people have always had this great opportunity.  The chance to use their powers of persuasion to tell the masses to stop being shit heads. We’ve always felt that way here in Hooterville, and have done countless hours of pro-bono work, especially with domestic violence. So when I got to read The Happy Soul Industry, I not only enjoyed the tale, I loved the very notion that God would hire an agency to send that message of “Just be Cool”.   (I don’t know if God tells US to spread that word, but we do it just the same.)

I tried to imagine getting the most important client ever and plan the most important campaign … in history!  How Are You?  Really!  It’s a great story, a smooth read,  interesting and engaging.  I finished it wanting more.

I read some review on Amazon that cautioned Christians because they might be offended.  PLEASE, people!  It’s Fiction, OK?  Overly religious people (at least around here) tend to have little imagination. What religion wouldn’t encourage Doing Good?  

Look, we spend all this time and talent trying to get Joe Schmoe to drink THAT beer and buy THAT car, so why not use that creative power to get him to stop beating his wife, lose his gut, stop littering. It’s really the most important work we could ever do.  

Our clients will be getting a copy of this one.  You get it, too.  Enjoy it.  Then use your powers for good.  


Thanks, Steffan, for a beautifully written story.

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