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The Voice of Flatulance

February 18, 2010

I do a bit of voice work via an on-line talent web site.  They send an invitation to audition to hundreds of us who “fit” the profile.  But exactly how do I fit this job description?

The Flatulence Awareness Respect and Trust Society.

One of the copy lines was: Fourteen farts a day keeps the gastroenterologist away!

Yes, it was for a humorous project, but it’s not going on my demo reel.

A word about your Demo, Portfolio, or Reel

October 21, 2009

We hire voice talent from all over the country to voice video projects. We listen to a demo, and it’s amazing. We hire them and get the product back, and it’s like listening to their dumb Uncle Buck.

Same with new designers. We look at their book, and it’s pretty cool. Within a week, the stuff they’re cranking out isn’t as good as the last college intern we had.

If you want to stay employed in this business, be good ALL the time. Don’t slop through the project -even if it only pays you $100. I think $100 for sitting down in front of a microphone for 15 minutes (or less) is a nice bit of change. Exceed the expectation, because its one thing to get hired.  It’s another thing to stay employed.

Ok.  I’m done now.


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