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Car Crash=No Post

January 27, 2010

It was a great ski trip. Then, on his way back to the city to face the reality of work, my sweetheart hit a patch of black ice yesterday morning, and rolled the car on  a major highway. Like all stubborn men, he tried to refuse treatment.  They talked him into the ambulance, took him to a VERY rural band-aid station where I found him shaking like a leaf. Fractured rib. Car is totaled. The living room has turned into a mini-hospital, the dining room my office. Very crabby man…but very lucky.  He was wearing a seat belt. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t be here to be crabby. We’ll be right back after another Vicodin.

A Year Later

December 27, 2009

This blog is one year old today.

164 posts. 13, 844 views. Connections made to people I’ve never met. Some I’d like to meet, some too frightening.

I’ve vented, observed, shared, learned, whined, been humbled, gained experience, found, lost, laughed, gotten confused, cried, gained perspective, cut-and-pasted, contributed, and a helluva lot more. It’s really been for me, but if you been here, then you’ve gotten a peek into a world waaaaaay far away from the Big Agency World.  Very different, but in many ways, very much the same. We fight the same client issues, develop work along the same methods, struggle with the same creative blocks, and enjoy the same streaks of inspiration.

In Hooterville, (as I affectionately call it) we know our audience and write and produce to reach them. Not so different, really.

Thanks for visiting the other side.

Where have all the (good) bloggers gone?

October 1, 2009

And if they’re gone, why are they still on your blogroll? Often, bloggers listed on other sites haven’t posted a thing for over a year. Maybe these people got bored, fired, tired of  posting on a consistent basis, or just felt they had nothing left to say. So, clean up your blogrolls! Get rid of the ones no longer active and find new ones to share.

Good or bad, it’s a good to hear what others have to say, how they think, a peek into a different approach.  (The ones I list on my site may not always return the gesture, and that’s fine…I list them on mine because they’re interesting)  But, these guys….where’d ya go?? and WHY!? (God, I miss this one. I’d like to buy her a drink.)

Scamp (Found this too late to get into this one)

Dear Jane Sample (she’s really done…but I’d like to buy her a drink, too)

And last but certainly not least, He’s due back October 1 after a month long hiatus. The honesty and attitude I get here is always first rate.

imagesI don’t see George retiring anytime soon. He better not…he’s the bee in the bonnet of the BDA’s!

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