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March 16, 2009

Courtesy of a wonderful place called unfortunate names, I’ve found several products that are begging for a campaign. We can’t tackle something of this magnitude  (dude, there’s a church on every corner with an auto parts store across the street here in Hooterville-I’d be in a world of trouble)  but you guys should take it on!  


Beaver Cream. 

Might generate a big fan base on Facebook?




Instant Sex.  

Possibly an instructional video?




Hmmm…I’m thinking a jingle.


So That’s What a Brand is!

February 18, 2009

My dear, sweet, alcoholic ex-partner (ex-Michigan Avenue Art Director) used to tell us:  “Kleenex IS the Fucking tissue.  iPOD IS the Fucking mp3 player.  And that’s what branding is.  Get it?”

Yes, we get it.  But here in Hooterville, we don’t get a real chance to BE anything, although we try like hell to get our clients to let us try.  So I found this, and every client we have WILL be coming in for this little tutorial!  WOW.  

If you’ve seen it, sorry, but it’s so good you should watch it again.