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Talking to the kids

March 11, 2009

I’ve been asked to speak to an advertising class in the coming weeks. It’s a solid, small liberal arts college several miles from Hooterville. Very buttoned-up school, so I guess I won’t be screaming the f-bomb like I do throughout the course of my day.  So what should I tell these kids?

I could share a recent post with them from Where’s My Jetpack…(read this-his March 9th post “If You Say It Like This, It’s Probably Not True”- it made me snort coffee out my nose!) 

I’ll quote from The Ubiquitous Persuaders and The Happy Soul Industry (which I better finish soon). Then maybe I’ll tell them…. (in no particular order):

Read.  A lot.  Learn to handle your alcohol.  Don’t be offended by foul language because if you are, get into another line of work. Have good self-esteem, because your boss might be George Parker.  Think on your feet.  Have common sense and use it. Don’t be a Dumb Ass. Don’t be a suck-up.  Be a “way above average” writer. Have empathy.  Study people.  Learn from people.  Be aware.  Never say “That’s not my job”. Don’t litter.  You’re a designer, not an artist…there’s a difference.  Be interesting.  Ask a LOT of questions.  Don’t be lazy, cause you’ll work your ass off.  Have chutzpah (and if you don’t know what THAT means, get into another line of fucking work.)

The fresh outta college kids I’ve seen so far are under the impression that “advertising is fun”, “I like helping people”, “I’ve always enjoyed art.”  Please, spare me.   I haven’t seen much in the work ethic department, either. In Hooterville, just like everywhere else, the business is a bitch and you’re only as loved as the last good thing you put out there.  You can go slap car dealer ads together and call THAT art.  Or you can never be satisfied,  and be humbled and challenged every day trying to do something thats meaningful…more importantly, that works.

So, please, before I head over to campus, what else should I tell these kids?


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