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End of Year Bitch Chores

December 31, 2009

You big agency guys have it made. You have “people”. Here in Hooterville, the end of every month is chaos, but the end of the year is nerve-wracking. We do our own bitch chores. Aside from the client billing that must go out (or no one gets paid), there’s the mind-numbing data to assemble for the bookkeeper  and the accountant so they can determine if we’ve made $5.67 more than we did last year. My eyes glaze over  in this endeavor and I struggle to focus.

Then there’s the paperwork from ’09 to file away and keep safe in a bunker somewhere,  in case a client might have a question like, “I thought we bought drive time in April last year”.  I open notices from the landlord and insurance assholes who explain why they are raising our rates. Decisions need to be made about a new copier and a new video camera (yes, we’re going high def here in Hooterville.)  To add to it all, my compulsive nature takes cleaning and purging to a whole new level. Offices are scoured, trips to the dumpster are made, and our office refrigerator is looking pretty nasty. Ditto the toaster oven. (Who put left over pizza in there and forgot about it???)

But, the phone’s been ringing and the January calendar is filling up. The new year looks promising for this small town agency. And for this, we are truly grateful.

Happy New Year… to you and your “people”.

Media … small town style.

December 29, 2008

Because I’m an entrepreneurial adchick, I AM the media buying department (among other things).  This last year, I placed over $400,000 in media dollars here in Hooterville.   But that was NOT without some priceless “reasoning” from the small town clients we represent.  Here are a few sweet examples:

You need to buy a schedule from them because:

                   He/she bought a sofa from us.

                   We fixed their car.

                   He/She is a Republican.           

                   He/She is a Democrat.

                   He/She is married to my cousin’s best friend.

                    He/She goes to my church.           

                    I watch that show.

                   My mother reads that paper.

                   He/She is an NRA member.

You should NOT buy a schedule from them because:

                    I just don’t like him/her.

                     He/She is a Republican.           

                     He/She is a Democrat.

                      I hate the way their station/newspaper reports the news.

                      They have never set foot in our store.

                      No one listens/watches that station.

                      I’ve never heard of them.

                      I never watch that show.

ARRRRGGGHH!  What’s an adchick to do?  Argue the facts, that’s what!  It’s unusual to have TWO network TV stations in a market this small,  but we do.  Also a well subscribed cable outlet.  So armed with a Nielsen book, CPP, rating and share data, I wear them down with more information than they really want ,  force feeding objectivity into them by the bucketful.   Seldom do I lose these little discussions, but when I  finally realize I’m getting nowhere, I remember my mantra:  The client has the right to make the wrong decision.

More than the confidence that we’re getting an $8 CPP and reaching more than 60% of women 35+, is the comfort my client takes in knowing that his mother-in-law will see his commercial on Wheel of Fortune.

Maybe I could work at McDonalds.   

You want fries with that?

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