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Small Town Crap

February 25, 2009

So much to love about a small town.  A church on every corner,  a tavern across the street.  Lots of auto parts stores.   We’re all hoping Olive Garden will come to its senses and open up here in Hooterville so we can enjoy the Shrimp Scampi special during Lent.   But when it comes to advertising, there is so much to endure:

Bankers and insurance people who INSIST their photos be in their print ads.  (We don’t allow it.)

Business owners who INSIST on putting their grandchildren in their TV ads.  (We don’t allow that either.)

The  contingent of overweight media sales girls who try to make friends by selling you Arbonne instead of the numbers. (Guess that’s everywhere.)

Really bad ads produced by the local cable company. (Guess that is, too.)

Clients who hire you to do a job, then tell you how to do it.  (We absolutely don’t allow that….”If YOU know how to do this, then what did you hire us for?”   Yeah, I say it…right to their face.)

Having never worked for a BDA (or in any large market), I can’t compare my experience.  Clients are frustrating everywhere, I suppose. But today, between a new client pitch, helping the just-hired office girl, wolfing down a tuna salad sandwich between phone calls, writing a little copy, and crunching some budget numbers with an old client, this even OLDER client calls me to be sure he gets an ad inside NCIS tonight, because he loves that show.   You bet, Boss.  

images-1DAMN.  I LOVE this town.

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