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Small town media

February 8, 2010

Allow me a moment to rant about media. Especially here in Hooterville. Small town media, just like Fox and CNN, can pick and choose and decide the tone. It really pisses me off. So it goes with our slowly dissipating newspaper, The Daily Disappointment, who highlight their owners favorite causes and politics and give credit where none is due. Like the non-story about the newly hired marketing woman with thick ankles, bad hair and sensible shoes who declared an increase in numbers for a government agency with her strategic television efforts. EXCUSE ME?  We had them using television two years before she ever showed up. Along with a new web site, and a new positioning statement, and a new event catalog. Bottom line is she had nothing to do with it. So much for investigative, or relevant, journalism. (Maybe it’s because we buy very little local newspaper advertising.)

In Hooterville, there’s a LOT of mediocre media. The little community web sites that crop up under the guise of local news. They try to compete with the newspaper, TV and radio stations. Funded by small thinking Tea Partiers who are busy being righteous, God and Country conservatives, taking low level pot shots at the Mayor, county and state government.

There are VERY bad and WAY TOO MANY radio stations. Announcers with speech impediments. Dead air. Many are owned/funded by small thinking Tea Partiers who are busy being righteous, God and Country conservatives, taking low level pot shots at the Mayor, county and state government.

We have an active cable sales force and two aggressive networks (CBS and NBC) in Hooterville, with News Anchors who everyone knows too much about. The Old Drunk Guy at 6 o’clock. The young bimbo girls with coiffed curls and glossy lips who nod and gush knowingly and have nothing meaningful to say. And smug, self-assured, pushy gals selling 30 second spots when they should buy a gym membership. Every one is Number One.

And last but not least, there are Billboards, Yellow Pages, Area Wide Maps, Church Bulletins, Grocery Store Kiosks, Pharmacy Bags, Sides of Trash Cans Sponsored by the Rotary, Bus Benches, Sides of City Buses, Space on the Chamber Web Site, Flyers in the Chamber Newsletter, ads in the Charity Event Program, the Community Theater Program, the High School Sports Program, on the fence at Little League/High School/College Ball Field, the weekly farm town newspapers, ads on placemats at the local pizza/taco/fried chicken place, the side of a Race car….you get the idea.

Not one news outlet here can afford to deliver any unbiased delivery of factual information because they might piss off their friend/neighbor/customer. Because it’s a small town and  they all play golf at the same country club.        Gee, Happy Monday.


March 22, 2009

Can’t you just fix the web site without redesigning the logo?   No.

We’re not sure if we should change the name of the business or not.  Call me when you decide.

We’d like to go with two color, but when we see the proof, we might decide to go with full color.   Uhhhh….

How much does a TV ad cost? How much does a car cost?

We’d like to hire you for one commercial, see how it goes, but keep our other agency, too.   Uh, no.

I’d like to put my kids in the spot.   Please hire someone else.

Don’t put us on that TV station…their news department is too liberal.  Oh My God.

Phil’s in my gun club, so we’d like to buy a little something on his station.  Sure.

I’m doing fine on my own, why should I hire you.   Why did you call me then?

I want our commercial to look like XYZ company.   No.

Can you make the logo bigger?   Absolutely not.


Media … small town style.

December 29, 2008

Because I’m an entrepreneurial adchick, I AM the media buying department (among other things).  This last year, I placed over $400,000 in media dollars here in Hooterville.   But that was NOT without some priceless “reasoning” from the small town clients we represent.  Here are a few sweet examples:

You need to buy a schedule from them because:

                   He/she bought a sofa from us.

                   We fixed their car.

                   He/She is a Republican.           

                   He/She is a Democrat.

                   He/She is married to my cousin’s best friend.

                    He/She goes to my church.           

                    I watch that show.

                   My mother reads that paper.

                   He/She is an NRA member.

You should NOT buy a schedule from them because:

                    I just don’t like him/her.

                     He/She is a Republican.           

                     He/She is a Democrat.

                      I hate the way their station/newspaper reports the news.

                      They have never set foot in our store.

                      No one listens/watches that station.

                      I’ve never heard of them.

                      I never watch that show.

ARRRRGGGHH!  What’s an adchick to do?  Argue the facts, that’s what!  It’s unusual to have TWO network TV stations in a market this small,  but we do.  Also a well subscribed cable outlet.  So armed with a Nielsen book, CPP, rating and share data, I wear them down with more information than they really want ,  force feeding objectivity into them by the bucketful.   Seldom do I lose these little discussions, but when I  finally realize I’m getting nowhere, I remember my mantra:  The client has the right to make the wrong decision.

More than the confidence that we’re getting an $8 CPP and reaching more than 60% of women 35+, is the comfort my client takes in knowing that his mother-in-law will see his commercial on Wheel of Fortune.

Maybe I could work at McDonalds.   

You want fries with that?

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