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People of Public Transport

November 11, 2009

In Hooterville, we have a city bus system. I road it once when my daughter was a little girl…she asked so I took her for a ride around our fair city. I’ll have to do it again to see if I can find anything this interesting.  In response to People of Walmart, now we have People of Public Transport.  It’s America at its finest. These people buy things, so remember to craft your advertising message accordingly.

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Threats to the Chick-YIKES!

September 16, 2009

Wow.  My post about the People of Walmart struck a nerve:

You are a classist fuck for promoting this hatred toward the poor and uneducated in this country. I can assure you of this, you would not thisnk this was funny if it were you or you close family.  If I could find you I would beat you like the facist bitsh that you are.  Oly cruel classist pigs think this shit is funny.   Fuck YOU

I rest my case.

The People of Walmart

August 30, 2009

Bookmark this. Check it often. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be amazed.  You’ll get a firsthand look at the folks we see here in Hooterville everyday. OK, maybe not QUITE this “interesting”, but it’s a look at humanity as it really is beyond your pristine office cubicle. These people vote, have children (shudder) and buy products. Please adjust your commercial message accordingly.

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