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Mad, Sad, Happy Men

October 8, 2009

If it were only this easy. You gotta love Sesame Street for staying current. When Mr. Draper uses the word sycophant at the end, do you think the Sesame Streeters will get that?

In the can

September 19, 2009

A Big Thank You to Frank my Camera Guru for this wonderful introduction to a product I would never have tried, but probably will now. (Why won’t our clients give us this latitude?)  Have a great weekend!

TV makes us stoopider

July 10, 2009

I love television. I’m a TVaholic. But the Idiot Box is living up to its name and reaching a new low.  The newest crop of television fare is stunningly stupid.  Check the good article in the Washington Times here.  How about:

More to Love, billed as the first “dating show for the rest of us,” throwing open its doors to overweight contestants.  Yes, let’s encourage fat girls that it’s OK to be unfit. 

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, celebrities live in jungle conditions with few comforts and have to earn human essentials. Like I care how a “celebrity” will do in the jungle without mascara. Illinois’ own Patti Blagoevich (Trailer Park Patti) did pretty well.

Wipeout,  where twenty-four thrill-seekers will compete in the world’s largest extreme obstacle course designed to provide the most spills, face plants and wipeouts ever seen on television.  Sounds like the Three Stooges, which I actually liked.

I Survived a Japanese Game Show.  I’m still not sure what this is, but with contests called Big Chicken Butt Scramble and Clothes On Clothes Off, I think we get the idea.

Dating in the Dark , the new reality dating series will follow single men and women as they go through all the usual motions of dating without ever actually seeing each other. Uh, ok.  Didn’t we do a version of that in high school?

Dance Your Ass Off, well, OK.  At least the network is using it’s powers for good here. 

Not to mention Flavor Flav and the Girls Next Door. I guess I really am old and out of touch.  Or maybe I have a brain. Networks need to compete with quality programming…the money will follow. When will we stop dumbing down? 

images   There’s nothing on!!!

Imagine all the fun you can have in the back

April 13, 2009

The auto industry wouldn’t be in such a mess if there were more commercials like this. I like the honest, direct approach.  

When WILL we grow up? Ad People Never Will!

April 4, 2009

Not much has changed since Monster did this in 2006.  I LOVE this concept.  They described the stereotypes perfectly: “Wear black.”  “Convince myself I’m no longer the geek I was in high school.”  “Pout when I don’t get my way.”  “Have a big head”.  “Smoke a lotta dope”. “Work like a dog”  “Tell people what to do”  “Have people wonder what I do all day”  Oh, yeah…I especially like that last one.  It’s freakin’ Voo-Doo!  🙂

If I have to explain it …

March 30, 2009

The new “Lauren” TV spot out there by Microsoft took an embarassingly cheap shot at Apple users with the line:  “I guess I’m not cool enough to be a Mac person.”  

Please.   The spot was a desperate move in my view and Lauren needs to do something with her stringy hair.  So with that said, maybe she ISN’T cool enough.

Not a day goes by in our office when someone doesn’t curse Bill Gates. If you made any of us use a freakin’ PC, we’d all sooner get out a legal pad and box of #2 Black Warriors.  Oh, and Sharpies … I covet them. 

Comparing MAC & PC  is like driving a Harley, then jumping on a Vespa.   If I have to explain it to you, you wouldn’t understand.

Another great article on this I just found thanks to adfreak and another reason to not be too crazy about Microsoft:

Sweet Spot

March 22, 2009

Ad people are a cynical bunch…I know I am. But I gotta give Liberty Mutual credit for making me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Love the editing, the music, the genuineness of it all.   If only people could be this cool.  (I let people go ahead of me in heavy traffic…does that count?)  

I don’t know a thing about Liberty Mutual-maybe they’re a bunch of dishonest bastards in line for some bail out money.  But they can’t be….not with a sweet little message like this.    Awwww…. 

Weekend Nestings

January 12, 2009


Who the hell is Flavor (or Flava) Flave?  And who in the hell watches this crap?  If they’re the customers of my clients, I’m screwed.  If we’re defined by the kind of TV we watch, then I probably need to see my therapist. What’s a middle aged, small town chick doing watching Family Guy? Fringe?  24?  Daily Show?  Colbert Report?  PBS?   I’m supposed to be a church-going, Palin-loving, NRA member…aren’t I?   I’m pretty sure I was dropped here by an alien ship.  So was Flavor Flave.  

Alien??Insane Marketers

I could totally relate to Freakin Marketing’s bit on Insane Marketers.  That’s the majority of our clients…Insane.  Nice people, but Insane.    ie:  Recession.  Oh my GAWD!  Let’s keep doing the same crap the same way and hold our breath and hope a Republican will swoop in and change things because that damned Obama is not for small businesses like us and oh yeah, cut the ad budget.  It would be inconvenient and a lot of work for us to try something different. 

Ahhhh…it’s maddening.  I love these people, but damn. No one said independent retail was gonna be easy.   Are all clients like this..everywhere?

Just us chickens

It’s about time that BIG city folk caught on….urban chickens are the new thing.  I work with two people who have chickens inside and out of the Hooterville City Limits. Fresh eggs for everyone!


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