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I now pronounce you…

December 4, 2009

Again, Social Media takes on a whole new meaning. Love the minister: “It’s now official on Facebook and in my Book.” HA!

(via The LA Times)

Beware the Twitterers

November 29, 2009
Twitter brings all sorts of  people out of the woodwork. Porn vendors, loan sharks, scam artists. Too “Social” media, really.  The lack of face-to-face contact gives people the courage to share all sorts of stuff.  Like this person in a nearby state who sent out a Tweet. I went to their blog and read this:
“the voices in my head are quiet now and rarly if ever keep me up. but i know there will be a time when i will lose this controll i have now and be on auto pilot again. it is scarry and thats why i dont leave my house alone any more. i dont know when or even where i will wake up. the everpresent specter of have my life stolen again by the auto pilot is enough to keep me here in my home.”
I doubt this person would say this on a radio or TV station or print it in the newspaper. I do feel sad for this person, but am planing my relocation very soon.  YIKES.

Twitter after Sex?

October 20, 2009

This article in the Chicago Tribune really intrigued me. I mean, gimme a break. Twitter after Sex is quite popular with the little ones 35 and under.   Kids.

images-5 In my day, we used to smoke.

And for a bit more valuable insight, you can read this from Time Magazine.

Twitter a Tune…or 2000

October 2, 2009

You have nothing else to do, so do this.  Courtesy of mashable (and managed by a fellow named Gabriel Nijmeh who must truly be dedicated.)   A spreadsheet of over 2000 musicians who TWEET!   I couldn’t stay awake long enough to see if Steven Tyler is Twitter-er.  But there was some musician who calls himself Totally Michael.  (Ugh.  My ex-husbands’s name was Michael-nothing musical about him.) I also learned that Christina Aguilera’s Twitter account has been suspended.  What did SHE do?

Others on this list whose names amuse me: Orgy of Noise, La Snacks, Pop Tarts Suck Toasted, The Dead Girls, The Dead Cocks (these last two should do a concert together) cassettes wont listen, You, Me and Iowa, (seriously), and maybe my favorite:  Sex with no Hands, described as an accordion funk band from San Francisco.  

And if Tweeting titillates you, connect with others via the Mega List of Tweeters found here.

Finally, read what George Parker thinks about Twitter here. I love that crusty old sweetheart!



Tweet away.

Jesus would use spehl-chek.

September 14, 2009

We all get some interesting people who follow us on Twitter. Joe Romero, biblepusher1, should know better than to follow me, given my annoyance with ignorance (not to mention the chaos and hurt organized religion causes in our society…but I digress). The “On-line evangelist” is trolling Twitter looking for  souls to save.  His web site here is downright sinful.  Riddled with misspelled words and lousy sentence structure, I’m pretty sure Jesus would appreciate it if he’d get a dictionary. 

Picture 3

Monthly support (contributions) is greatly appreciated. If you send him a check, he’ll be able to get a Thesaurus, too.




Picture 5The havest is great. What a wonderful example.

Small Town Tweeting

May 13, 2009
images-4Twitter has finally made it to Hooterville
and the content is scintillating!   Just listen!
…I really wish I hated Rod Stewart more.

…man, I just got a huge craving for Chicken McNuggets…where’d that come from?

….Why hello there weekend…we meet again…and I see you are wearing your stretchy pants…well played.

…me thinks its sleepy time.

…can’t tell if my dog just farted or burped…we’ll all know in moments.

…Yard is mowed and I’m ready to chill.

….Dude! Your grilling is the shit.

Even our noon Rotary is all Twittery about Twitter.  Hey, it’s a new toy to play with when you likely should be WORKING!   I’ll play along, when I can tear myself away from PAYING WORK, because I want to understand it.  Josh Klein had some interesting thoughts on Twitter  and I was flattered that The Ad Contrarian would not only follow my Tweets, but send me an email to thank me for following him.  Hell, I’d pick up his dry cleaning.

But so far, Tweeting here in Tiny Town is mostly  used for bullshit, as you can see. It’s hard to see a bigger picture when a keyboard gives you the power to be a legend in your own mind.  Using it as email is incredibly stupid, as no one CARES if your dog farted or you hate Rod Stewart.  These people must be lonely.  There have been some worthy tweets that took me to an interesting article or video. Maybe if users were offering more viable and noteworthy information, I could find some redeeming value in it all.  I believe Adscam feels the same way…not to mention there is no way (yet) it’s gonna make any money.  Jane Sample has found a way for advertisers to use it….hmmm.  But I agree…this could fast turn into spam/telemarketing.

Follow me at adchick22 and I’ll try to be worthy of your attention. (someone else took adchick…squatter)

Rest in Tweet.

April 21, 2009

My fascination with Obituaries just got more…uh, fascinating.  Now there’s the Twituary.  The madness continues!  A tribute to a life well lived in 140 words or less…a copy challenge for sure.

twituary_bigger Tweet , ur ded.

Josh Klein’s Twitter Thoughts

April 10, 2009

This is a very good article on Twitter.  Josh Klein comments, “Twitter suffers from something we haven’t seen very often on the internet — a reverse network effect. Twitter becomes less useful the more people use it.”

Josh shares some smart information here.  Even if he does call himself an “obtuse misanthrope”. I hope his mother doesn’t know he uses language like that.


Big Love Tweets

March 16, 2009

So my experiment with Twitter continues.  I find some very interesting people and some (for whatever reason) who wanna follow me. I accidently nudged makethelogobigger then immediately apologized, wondering if his wife would mind….I mean, I didn’t know what a nudge was. 🙂

Then I get some chick named Nicolette Grant who wants to follow me.   She says she’s “living the principle with her husband Bill and her sister wives”.   Uh-Oh!!! Further investigation validates my suspicions…HBO must have hired a bunch of interns to Tweet  lines from their hit show Big Love.  (My camera guy never misses it. I’m pretty certain George has never seen it!  I don’t watch it but I do delight in the current stir the show has caused with the Moorman Church!)

So… they Tweet to push their program, entice their fans?   I’ll block Nicky, as I can’t add this to my already long TV list.  But it’s a slick, smooth example of advertisers sliding into new media.  I have to admit, it caught me a little off guard.

Hey, this is Hooterville.  I lead a sheltered life.


Twit This, HBO!!

Did Twitter Save a Life?

March 8, 2009

So, Ad Chick is Twittering. I’m not sure why yet, but if Barack Obama and George Parker and Makethelogobigger are doing it,  (among other notables)  then I probably ought to be.  I learn by doing, what can I say?  

Maybe this little incident makes a case for Twitter and it’s usefulness.  Appeared in the March 5th St. Louis Post Dispatch.  Katrice Noble is happy to be alive and the stupid kid deserves to be expelled.    Also, it proves that with all this technology, the world is indeed a very small place.   I mean, it makes you wonder why anyone would want to try a dishonest or evil action….you’ll surely be caught, eventually, because everyone knows somebody who knows somebody who is either on Twitter, FaceBook, Myspace. 


          Twitter is watching, you dumb ass!

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