All Things Avatar

Avatar. I haven’t seen it yet, but is it good enough to warrant this? And does Will Smith know he’s blue now?

Then there are these people, who truly do need to get a life. In Hooterville, you’ll see more camo than blue.


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4 Responses to “All Things Avatar”

  1. Rob Hatfield Says:

    NOOOOO! Say it isn’t real. My faith in mankind has been shattered to the very core. Who are these people. Maybe it IS time for Soylent Green!

  2. Jake P Says:

    “Soylent Blue” sounds just about right.

    My kids have seen Avatar, but I refuse. I’m not even going to Netflix it.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You DO realize that this video is a parody, right? It’s the equivalent of

  4. Tanisha Degennaro Says:

    I in reality definitely appreciate this movie! So terrific and incredible. Enjoy to watch it once again and once more.

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