Doing our part.

Nothing says “I Love You” to my daughter than shopping the after-Christmas sales.  So in the spirt of mother-daughter bonding, helping the economy  (and finding some good bargains) off we went to the mall.  Yes, Hooterville indeed has a mall.  

Rather empty of people, however.  Our little part of the world has always been fairly insulated from bad economic times.  Surrounded by corn and soybean fields, the farmers still come to town to attend to their sundry errands:  Grocery store, Wal-Mart, maybe the farm store and a scheduled doctor visit.  These are the people our clients need and who we work hard to understand … they’re hardworking and they want value.  Anything too urban/flashy is distrusted.  They do respond to a clean, consistent message, though.  And hopefully, they’ll keep on responding.  There’s just enough business around here to keep it competitive and considering the efforts of some “kitchen table” ad shops (more on them later), we’re doing just fine.  

Bring on the New Year!


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