Commercial Free Childhood? Riiiight.

My daughter has her own child now, and when she was little, we had Sesame Street.  No SpongeBob and creepy Burger King Dude.  I would have kept her away from crap like that.  So I was pretty surprised to hear two of my younger colleagues say they thought the latest Burger King spot “Booty is Booty” spot funny and OK for their young son to see.  There’s nothing subtle in the sexual innuendo towards women in this ad. You may think it’s funny now (and I can’t imagine why) but it’s absolutely not a great message to send to kids. Sorry…it just isn’t and Burger King should know better. (I’ve noticed the adjective “creepy” used a LOT in describing Burger King…does this tell anyone anything?)

Then I read about this group, intent on a Commercial Free Childhood for their kids.  Good luck with that, guys.  Corporate Greed will win…they know to get ’em while they’re young. You’ll have better luck teaching parents to turn off the TV…and good luck with that one, too.

images-2You ARE Creepy, Burger King, Creepy, I say!

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One Response to “Commercial Free Childhood? Riiiight.”

  1. Alan Wolk Says:

    Funny enough, it’s not all that hard to have a commercial free childhood. My own kids rarely see commercials and it’s not for any dogmatic reason: many of the more popular kids TV stations are commercial free (Disney Channel, PBS Noggin) and regardless, most of what my kids watch is either On Demand (kids don’t mind watching the same episode of Dora every morning) on DVD or DVR’d.

    So despite Daddy’s profession, they are fairly unaware of commercials

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