The PEN Story-Brilliant

A BIG Thank You to my camera dude and guru, Frank, for turning me on to this excellence in stop motion. Nice tune as well….(do you agree, Phillybikeboy?)   I love awesome creative like this…it’s mesmerizing!  And it worked because I went to the web site, found out more and damn, I may have to buy one.

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5 Responses to “The PEN Story-Brilliant”

  1. phillybikeboy Says:

    Very nice. The concept, the execution and the music. I’m not so crazy about the other two songs on his myspace but Down Below is a keeper. The camera is sweet, too, and the 720P capability just adds to the coolness.

  2. adchick Says:

    Philly: I Knew You would like it! Good weekend yo you!

  3. Andy Webb Says:

    Yes, this is indeed a great spot. The idea is perfect. Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention. Much obliged.

  4. jeff Says:

    It is cool. Don’t get me wrong, but maybe it’s just my short attention span for any online videos, but I got bored.

    But It’s not like I’d turn down a chance to do a project as cool as this is.

  5. Muonwar Says:

    Visually very, very cool… the baby boomer life-arc is played-out but in all quite clever… thanks Adchick.

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